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Every girl dreams for that special day when her beloved places a beautiful engagement ring on her finger. This is why an engagement ceremony is indeed a very important occasion in every couple’s life. Hence, nothing can step forward without a unique and well-customised engagement ring. Designers of engagement rings in Melbourne CBD (Central Business District), design exclusive and distinctive engagement rings which are just perfect to say that you love your girl. You can go through the extensive range of ready-made jewellery and engagement rings for selecting the best piece for your love.

The engagement ring serves as a symbol of love and commitment for a person with whom you are getting engaged with. Selecting a beautiful engagement ring is not a job which can be done with the blink of an eye. The thought of getting in touch with the jewellery designer at the store would frighten you deep as there you have to go through the grand heaps of designs and styles. So, searching for the engagement rings on online stores is undoubtedly the best way, where you can easily contact the most reliable and trustworthy online jewellery store. Check out Simon West Fine Jewellery.

Tips for Choosing the Best Engagement Rings in Melbourne CBD

People usually wish to buy the best engagement ring that would take their fiancée’s breath away. There are so many online jewellery stores available and it can be very chaotic and daunting for you to choose the best one. Here are some tips that you can consider before purchasing a charming ring for your beloved.

1.     You can discuss it with your friends and relatives as they can help you with some references for the best online jewellery store.

2.     Engagement rings are supposed to be personal, therefore, it is very important to consider the style and taste of your partner. This will show your deep love and concern for her.

3.     Ring size is one factor that people usually overlook while making a choice. Usually, the rings are designed on a general outlay, but you can surely ask the designer to suggest some appropriate settings for the ring.

4.     It is always better to discuss your personal opinion and ideas on the ring. This will be quite helpful to the designer to offer the best ones that will suit your choice and expectations.

5.     If you do not have a big budget to get the ring customised, then you can go with the pre-designed engagement rings, which are just as stunning and can bring a big smile on your fiancée’s face. It is not always necessary to go out of budget and purchase an expensive one.

Online jewelers which sell engagement rings in Melbourne CBD are experienced creators of excellent engagement rings. They always work with full dedication and passion to provide couples with their dream rings to celebrate their commitment for each other. They know well how to create the jewellery to match the personalized ideas of their lovely clients. They will consult you at each and every stage to meet your expectations. So, what are you waiting for? Get the right piece and make your day of love more special and overwhelming. 

Did you know that at least 1 in every 4 school children in Australia is affected by bullying? Bullying is happening everywhere, not just in NSW but all over the world with the global statistics revealing more than 200 million children, and young adults are being bullied by their peer at any given time. While more and more school are taking measures to curb this trait, one great alternative to helping bullies and victims alike is by registering them to holiday school camps NSW programs, where they will learn life skills, engage in memorable activities and ultimately pick up new habits, to counter their bullying experience.


Bullying is basically an aggressive behavior that involves a perceived power imbalance among kids in their school age years. Bullies use their powers, either physical strength, popularity or access to embarrassing information to cause harm or control others.

When bullying is not addressed sooner, it can lead to short-term or long-term effects that are harmful to both the victim and the bully. Aggressiveness, physical abuse, and short temperateness are just some of the negative traits that bullies grow up with. On the other hand, victims are tortured emotionally, they develop psychotic symptoms all through their adolescences, grow a feeling of inferiority and are said to have constant suicidal thoughts throughout their lives.

How can does school camps NSW programs help in dealing with bullying?

We can all agree that bullying is by no means a normal way of growing up. When you notice shifts in behavior in school going children, chances are high, that they are victims of bullying or bullies themselves. Luckily, there are quite a number of school camps in NSW for the holiday seasons that are dedicated to providing learning and fun experiences for all school going, kids.

The Great Aussie Bush camp for example, has a team of dedicated, expertly trained staff members who are able to make a connection and easily recognize both subtle and overt signs that a child has experienced bullying or is bullying others.

Through a huge range of planned activities which can also be tailor-made to anyone’s requirements, kids have the chance to mingle and interact at deferent levels including;

–       Teamwork and coordination in interactive activities which help them build trust and understanding in one another.

–       Participating in challenges that help them learn about their weakness and strength. Programs like rock climbing and bungee jumping or academic challenges aid the kids in understanding that everyone equally faces challenges as much as they are better at something than anyone else.

–       Living together and sharing amenities all through the school camp stay gives them opportunities to understand each other and build relationships outside the school vicinity.

In addition to this, NSW school camps strive to instill life skills to all participants. The kids will learn leadership skills, decision-making, solving problems, helping each other and, above all, learn how their actions affect others.

Whether you enlist your child for a week or three weeks to a month, school camps NSW programs are sure to provide a fun loving and learning experience that will impact their lives and change them forever.

Don’t let your child suffer from bullying, offer them with this life-changing experience this coming holiday, by registering to one of the amazing programs.  For more details, check here: bush camp.

When hiring wedding decorators, do not just hire them based on the pictures they show you. Pictures may not reflect the quality of services you want for your wedding. Wedding decorations mean everything to the newly wedd couple. They need to be done carefully and to the quality level you prefer. It is the most cherished day of your lives and you want to have the best. Hiring a wedding decorator is not easy but a few tips would help you get the best decorator in town.

Get Samples of Flowers

Once you select the kind of flowers you want, ask the decorator to bring samples so that you can verify they are of the type and quality you prefer. The decorator may tell you that they have all the flowers you prefer on for your wedding but in the real sense, they are not of the same quality. The samples the decorator brings will give you confidence that they have your taste.

How Organized is the Decorator?

Interview a number of decorators and have them explain how they intend to plan your wedding. Ask questions regarding their time schedule, transport system, the number of employees, among others so that you can understand who is most organized. Do they guarantee to use the flowers you prefer? Visit their sites or offices after their interview and inspect their facilities to ensure that they are in good condition. This will ensure that you get the best decorations for the most important day of your life. If the decorator is always talking to another client on the phone during your meetings, then that means you will not get his or her full attention even on the wedding day. Such a decorator is likely to handle several clients at a time and fail to deliver the services agreed.

Time Management

Choose a wedding decorator that is always punctual during meetings. You do not want to hire someone who will delay events on your wedding day. You may hold up to four meetings with the decorator and if they consistently come late for the meetings, do not hire their services.

Sign a Contract

Do not just hire a decorator without a document indicating what services you hired for and their quality level. Sign a contract that stipulates all the items you hires, their type, and quality level. This will be a binding document and will make the decorator make more effort to meet the agreed standards. In the contract, make sure you agree on the terms of payment. Most wedding decorators are given a down payment of a given percentage and the rest of payment is settled after the wedding day. Do not hire the services of a decorator that insists on full payment before the services are rendered. A slight deviation from your planned wedding decorations can ruin your wedding day. Everything needs to be done carefully and in an organized manner.

Your Wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You need to get the best of wedding decorations from a qualified decorator. Take into consideration the tips above and you will have a colorful wedding day organized by the best decorator.

The Thai Massage Treatments Melbourne has to offer can be the most rewarding thing you can experience for yourself today. With everyone stressing out on their jobs and personal lives, there’s nothing better than giving the body and soul a break! Keep in mind that, you owe it to yourself to take care of your body because after all, it is the one thing that enables you to function as a human being.


This specific type of body massage is one that gets a client to move around rather than get him/her in a state of deep sleep. This is probably what makes Thai Massage Treatments in Melbourne one-of-a-kind. Expect a lot of action going on with the twists, turns, stretches, rolling and other activities that makes a person alive instead of drowsy. But just the same, there is also the incorporation of certain yoga postures to balance the energetic body massage.

A better way to describe Thai massage is that, it’s complex and offers a great deal of variety. It does not focus on one style alone but keeps on changing every so often. Below are some of the best Thai Massage Treatments Melbourne is famously known for:

For those who want pressure, the traditional Thai massage is a must-try. Among the many Thai Massage Treatments Melbourne offers, this is the most basic. It only makes use of the thumbs and palm of the hands in creating that much needed pressure that releases the tension in most parts of the body. Athletes love this because it eases tired muscles and at the same time, provides good blood circulation.

One of the most used and tired-out parts of the body are the feet. With the help of the Thai foot massage, not only are the feet relaxed but certain problem areas and systems of the body can also be healed and treated. The different nerves of the body are stimulated through the nerve points and it is in those points that the pressure is placed.

Melbourne Thai Massage treatments also include aromatherapy. With the oil and scent preferred by the client, the massage is done slowly and gently. This way the oil is lathered on the body completely and is easily absorbed as well. Despite the gentleness of the strokes, they are still deep and full of pressure as what the massage is known for. It has a unique way of combining both softness and hardness at the same time. So depending on one’s mood and feeling, the choice of essential oil can change from time to time.

Swedish massage can also be experienced in Thai massage sessions. This is the most popular kind of massage to date because it has the flexibility of being mild and hard. The client can simply tell the masseuse on the level of pressure to do. This helps restore the body’s lost energy and removes all tension. This also helps in keeping the blood circulation flowing and working properly, making the person in the best state of health.

Everyone knows that travelling to Bangkok means a whole holiday of shopping intermingled with spa treatments and interesting adventures. What most people do not realize is that there are certain shops that do not always sell top quality goods and therefore it is perhaps wise to stick with the more reputable stores. This is especially true when one has perhaps traveled in search of silver jewelry Bangkok for resale purposes. Several shop owners or retailers from around the world will head to Thailand to find items that are unique and cheap enough to purchase in bulk for resale back home.

silver jewelry Bangkok

silver jewelry Bangkok

This is often the sole reason many people will return to Bangkok in particular on a regular basis. However, with Planet Silver, which is a wholesale sterling silver jewelry manufacturer and supplier, there is no need to travel all the way to Bangkok to get your hands on their gorgeous jewelry. All it takes is a visit to their website and you will be able to access several quality items within no time at all.

The main reason why shopping online with this silver jewelry Bangkok supplier is so effortless is due to the fact that they have just under 1000 items in stock that offer a diverse selection of jewelry. They have everything from earring all the way through to pendants and a variety of beads that can be added to bracelets. The versatility of their range is what will keep your clientele begging for more. Additionally, the quality is so good that there is no risk of having any unhappy clients.

But if you are one of those people who likes to touch and feel the quality of items prior to purchasing them all you need to do is head on to the Planet Silver shop, situated on the Ground Floor, Room 037 at The Palladium World Shopping mall on Radjaprarop Road Bangkok. One visit to their store will need several hours in order to make sure that you do not miss any of their gorgeous collections including the Mother of Pearl, Swarovski, Freshwater Pearl, Black Agate or Quartz Glass items. These are only a few of the added gemstones and finishes that are used to create uniquely designed Sterling Silver pieces that will have your heart skipping a beat every second.

Getting silver jewelry that is genuine sterling silver is not always the easiest process, especially for normal tourists who do not know how to tell the difference. Therefore in order to ensure that one is buying the genuine thing, ask for Planet Silver by name and locals will be sure to know where they are situated.

A key rule is that when a company can boast about a 15 year lifespan, then they most certainly do have some of the best silver jewelry Bangkok has to offer. So don’t get caught spending your hard earned money on fake substandard jewelry; rather insist on Planet Silver’s Sterling Silver Jewelry range and know that you will have something that will last for years to come and you will certainly continue coming back for more so as to not to miss out on the beautiful jewelry pieces.

If you are going to hold a party outdoors, installing a tent or marquee is the best solution. This is essential in protecting your guests from the rain or other outdoor weather elements. Also, marquees are becoming popular for events and parties because it provides you with a limitless array of options for decorating and creating a party theme. If you have a limited budget, you might be having second thoughts on hiring a Sydney marquee hire thinking that it will be too expensive. However, setting up your own tent for the party can also entail a huge cost.
Sydney marquee hire

Sydney marquee hire

Here are some guidelines that will help you decide whether you should purchase your own or opt for a Sydney marquee hire instead.
Purchase Your Own
There are certain advantages associated with purchasing your own marquee or tent for the event. The first advantage is the fact that you get to own the tent and use them for future events, or when needed. You can also select the size, material and color of the tent based on your party planning needs. If you are using it for a corporate event, you can even have the tent customized with your brand name or logo for promotional benefits. Buying your own tent can provide you with limitless options for setting up the tent.
The downside to buying your own tent is that it might be too big of an investment. Unless you are holding parties or events that require the use of tents, you might not be able to maximize your purchase.
Hire a Marquee
On the flip side, hiring a marquee company for your party is a smart and practical investment especially if it is a one-time event. You can also select from a wide range of marquee types and sizes according to your party needs, the number of guests and the theme of the party. Another distinctive advantage to hiring a party marquee company is that they have professional staff to help in setting up your tent. They will also be responsible for taking down and storing the tent. Imagine if you had to do this on your own – you still need to hire people to help you take them down.
Lastly, you do not have to shoulder the repair and/or maintenance for the tent. And you can guarantee the quality of the tent because these companies want to be able to provide a secure and quality tent for their clients. All you have to do is pay them for their services and show up at the party. Now, you can be a guest at your own party!


Koh Samui has been a great place for weddings, thanks to its amazing atmosphere. It is no surprise that you can find a good honeymoon hotel Samui has, while you are out here as well. The hotels that you could find could really be fascinating.

There are many great hotel rooms for you to consider when it comes to finding many of these interesting spots for the big days after your wedding. The features that come with honeymoon hotel rooms are things that are fascinating for all to explore.


A Great View Of the Beach

To say that there are some beaches all around Koh Samui would be an understatement. There are many great beach views that you can experience when you are at a good hotel for your honeymoon. There’s nothing quite like a beautiful sunset and the view of the waves all around the beaches out here.

In fact, many of the top honeymoon hotel rooms around the island are designed to be just a few hundred feet or so from the beach. That’s great to see when you consider just how varied and attractive the area can truly be.


A Simple Design

The design that comes with a honeymoon hotel Samui option can prove to be attractive and interesting to find. You can get access to a great room that features a simple and bright white tone with plenty of modern furniture with fine edges and plenty of open spaces. It’s all to create a relaxing space that is beautiful and interesting to hold without looking far too gaudy.

A great design like this can include not only an intimate bed but also a fine living space. A good suite design will create a wide-open room that is comfortable and inviting. Anything that allows plenty of natural light to come about in a room will be worthwhile as well.


Check For a Great Pool

A fine honeymoon hotel Samui can feature a pool that is very attractive. A pool may have not only a wide-open space but may also be visually enticing. The Red Pool at the Library is a good example of such a fine-looking pool. It has red tiles all over its floor to create a sensual look. Anything that has a few lounging chairs, saunas or other additional attractions that add to the luxury of a pool space can be just as amazing to have.


What About Recreation?

Recreational sports can be found in a number of luxury hotels on the island. They are places that allow people to relax and take in a few simple exercises or maintain some healthy habits. Such recreational spots can include libraries and fitness centres among a few options.

If you need to find a quality hotel in the Koh Samui area then it’s best to see what’s around. There are more than enough great options to find for your honeymoon right now. You can go to the Library website to get information on the many great things that you can enjoy and experience while you are at this fine hotel in Koh Samui.

So, what tour booking software is best for your business? This is not an easy question. There are several things that determine the suitability of a booking software for business operations. No doubt, circumstances play a big role in choosing the best software that you can use for your business.

Before plunging yourself into the market, it is important to have a checklist on things that you will need for your tour booking software. If you are used to the soft side of your business, then this might seem challenging at first. Then, you can begin by evaluating the products offered by other tour operators – primarily, your competitors.

How do your competitors’ booking systems work? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Are there improvements that you would wish to see in yours? By opening at least five websites of operators in the market who are already deploying booking software options – you can come up with a good checklist, which you can also subsequently use when looking for the best business booking software.

The costs and features of a tour operator booking software should be uppermost in your mind. You should also be able to afford the tour booking software with on-going support, as well as features that can give you and your customers the best tour booking experience. Once you have assessed these primary considerations, you can look into other factors like the level of support by a booking software vendor.

In addition, it is important to look at the scope and scalability of a tour operator booking software. It is also important to make sure that it is integrated with global distribution systems. It should have excellent channel management features as well, giving you a relative peace of mind once you have installed it on your online travel booking platform.

Moreover. you should look at the sales integration features of a tour operator software. Does it offer you easy integration with other marketing channels? Is there an option for referral marketing features, enabling you to generate supplementary bookings from third-party websites?

There are a few basic things that a tour operator software should be able to accomplish for you. Otherwise, it will not be right for your business. These include the following:

  • A simple and intuitive purchase process.
  • The right and flexible cost model for your needs.
  • Ability to upsell other attractive merchandise during client reservations.
  • Easy scheduling of tours based on demand.
  • Easy re-scheduling of bookings in case of emergencies.
  • Booking agents integration, allowing access for cross marketing of your travel products.
  • Excellent reporting and reports generation.
  • Ability to tailor existing tours for holiday peaks and rush.
  • Support for coupons and other promotional features.
  • Dynamic client communication feature, automatically generating messages based on the availability of customer support.

Trying Out Netbookings

Netbookings offers one of the most reliable tour booking software products. This can be used by diverse tour booking or reservation companies such as SCUBA diving charters, fishing charters, kayaking charters, whale watching, and many other tour operations.