Swim with Dolphins in Portugal

Portugal is blessed with a mild and sunny Mediterranean climate, great food, good wine and most importantly for any traveler, very low costs. As a result, it is one of the most popular European travel destinations. If you have an adventurous spirit, you can partake of some of the main sea-based attractions such as whale-watching and dolphin-watching. Dolphin watching is particularly popular with many tourists and there are many destinations on the Portuguese coast where you can get some of the best and close-up views. There are fishing Algarve tours where you can enjoy these along with sightings in other areas such as Azores, Madeira and Albufeira.

Dolphin Tours in Algarve

Algarve is one of the best destinations in Portugal for dolphin watching tours. You can lie on the beach, soak up the heat or take more adventurous tours into the sea in order to watch the dolphins. There are plenty of reasons why dolphin watching in Algarve along with fishing Algarve tours is becoming so popular with so many tourists. There are plenty of small towns along the coast of Algarve where you can board a boat for cheap and get the opportunity to watch the dolphins in their natural environment. Through these trips, you can get great insights into the living habitat of the dolphins.

Watching dolphins in the Azores

The Azores refers to the group of nine volcanic islands  in mid-Atlantic between Europe and North America. These islands are Portuguese and are some of the most beautiful islands for sightseeing and tours. The islands are also great for dolphin watching and dolphin swimming opportunities which they offer to visitors. Apart from the dolphins, you can also watch the whales, turtles, and Marlins here.

Dolphin tours Albufeira Adventures

Albufeira is a coastal city which is actually situated in southern Algarve.  As a former fishing village, it is one of the best fishing Algarve destinations and also a good destination for dolphin watching. You can find plenty of beach types here, with a total of 20 different types that you can pick from in order to add some diversity to your holidays. Albufeira has its trademark sparkling white houses, a legacy of Moorish architecture along with a series of breathtaking multicolored cliffs. There are old fortresses, remnants that add a historical flair to your visits to the city. Albufeira is a city that is guaranteed to delight virtually anyone that visits here. The old town of the city is lined with a series of restaurants, cafes and nightclubs where you can sample out the taste of Portugal. The nightlife here is one of the most vibrant in Portugal.

Dolphin Tours Vilamoura Experiences

Like much of the Portuguese coast, you will find a diversity of experiences in Vilamoura. There are the quiet pine forests, casinos, golf clubs, riding schools, Atlantic beaches and plenty of nightclubs where you can get a taste of the nightlife here. Vilamoura also has a rich historical legacy that you can explore during your visit here. It is one of the best places in Portugal for some serene dolphin watching tours.

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